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Livestock Record Keeping
September 1, 2023 · · Ownership

Livestock record keeping is a fundamental component of every goat breeding program. Learn what you need to keep track of to be successful.

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Liver Flukes in Goats: Parasites With a History

Since the early 1900s, liver flukes in goats have been a problem. Learn how treatments have changed and how we deal with them now.

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For The Love of the Kiko Meat Goat

Looking for a hardy meat goat that’s parasite resistant? The Kiko a great forager and requires little in the way of extra maintenance.

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Meat Goats for “Boer”-ed Empty Nesters

Add to Favorites Jumping into raising meat goats isn’t for every retiree, but for Shanna and her husband, it was exactly what they needed. -by Shanna Spence, AKA The Cranky …

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Flystrike, Wound Management, and Vector Control
August 28, 2023 · · Health

What do flystrike, wound management, and vector control all have in common? Knowing about each one can save your goats.

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Papi’s Goat Cheese Stuffed Shells with Sausage
August 28, 2023 · · Recipes

Are you looking for a new meal that’s sure to please? Papi’s Goat Cheese Stuffed Shells with Sausage are easy and full of cheesy goodness.

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Goat Cheese Alfredo Sauce

A simple, easy, homemade goat cheese Alfredo sauce that’s so creamy and delicious, it will have your family asking for more.

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Safe Goat Meat Handling From Start to Finish
August 26, 2023 · · Ownership

Safe goat meat handling starts on the farm with a healthy herd and ends in the kitchen with appropriate safety measures taken along the way.

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What is Agritourism? The Benefits and Burdens

What is agritourism? When small farms have trouble making ends meet, they turn to tourism to bring in the extra needed to keep going.

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Back From the Vet: Treating Pneumonia in Goats
August 26, 2023 · · Health

When it comes to treating pneumonia in goats, owners need to be attentive to their animals and learn to quickly recognize the signs.

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